Month of The Most Precious Blood of Jesus

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Faith / Family Devotions / Quotes

blut-christi O Jesus in union with your most precious blood poured out on the cross and offered in every mass, I offer you today my prayers, works, joys, sorrows and sufferings for the praise of  Your holy name and all the desires of Sacred heart; in reparation for sin, for the conversion of sinners, the union of all Christians and our final union with you in heaven.

A Powerful Prayer to be said before Praying
Saint Mary Magdalen de PazziAlmighty Father; I place the  Precious Blood of Jesus before my lips before I pray, that my prayers may be purified before they ascend to Your divine altar.”   St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

“Place on thy heart one drop of the precious Blood and fear nothing.”     Pope Pius IXabb569c4f601222fcb74ecdb8552da6b

Seasons of my Soul

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Mom's with cancer

Jesus in silence my soul waits for youwoman-at-prayer_antique-illustration-sm

Purged in the crucible of suffering borne of love for you, in love I surrender all to you

Through the dark night I contemplate you giving my fiat I go to the cross with you

Perfect joy is found in you

Mercy a gift from you, Jesus I trust in you

In weakness you carry me when I fall you raise me up to you

When doctors can do no more you comfort me

When no one understands you listen to me what I cannot do you do for me

Love is all you want from me in love you died for me

Divine Providence leads me all that happens is God’s will for me

Holy Spirit come and dwell in me

The Gift of life praise God endlessly


Nutrient Deficiency: 8 Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency | Reader’s Digest

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Mom's with cancer

How to spot surprising symptoms of a vitamin deficiency such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

Source: Nutrient Deficiency: 8 Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency | Reader’s Digest

If You’re Too Busy to Read Laudato Si, Now You Can Listen to It!

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In order to defend your faith please study and understand it. Ask the Holy Spirit to aid you in defending it. This is our responsibility to God in whatever vocation he has called us to. Parents this is our primary responsibility. We will stand before God one day and in his love he will ask us: “Did you lead and love my sheep.” Let us answer “yes’.

Reaching Out to the Peripheries

For those who aren’t aware Stations of the Cross Catholic Radio is broadcasting a different chapter from Pope Francis’ Laudato Si each week. The podcast feed is here.

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The Journey

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Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life;

Rather look to them with full hope that as they arise.
God, whose very own you are, will lead you safely
through all things.

And when you cannot stand it, God will carry you
in His arms.

Do not fear what may happen tomorrow;

The same everlasting Father who cares for you today
will take care of you today and every day.

He will either shield you from suffering or will give you 
unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace and pit aside all anxious thoughts and 
~St. Francis de Sales~


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Gracious Love

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shepherdess-refuge-art-blog.jpgWhen a storm is over, the weathers’s fine; we see this all the time. So anger and reconciling make Love enduring.

When Love tests people
in order to help them grow in spirit,
they will go through storms of pain,
followed by reconciliation
and calm weather.

You can always tell when someone is spiritually weathered
because this person boldly shouts,

“Love, I am all yours!
Only you can make me happy!
Gracious Love, be mine!”
~Hadewijch, Poems in Stanzas~

The Eucharist ~Steve Ray

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Take a Jesus break and listen to Steve Ray talk about the Holy Eucharist.

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Faith / Marian / Saint of the Month

Thank you St.John Paul II, for all you gave us!  For the words you proclaimed. For the illness you endured as a  witness to the value of Redemptive Suffering. Your courage in suffering proclaimed to the whole world the “Dignity of All Life.”  You consecrated your life and pontificate to the Blessed Mother and showed us that the way to Jesus is trough Mary His mother. You proclaimed Divine Mercy as the balm for all wounds. Now your a saint and we invoke you and pray that you will watch over us and lead us to the Merciful Heart of Jesus.