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“Who Shall find A Valiant Women?”

Who shall find a valiant women? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her. The heart of her husband trusteh in her; and he shall have no need of spoils. She will render him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. 
Prov. 31:10-12
My beautiful daughter on her wedding, she is truly a valiant woman

St. John Chrysostom said of Christian women: “You possess a science which rises superior to storms; you have the energy of a strong mind which is more powerful than many armies, safer than walls and fortified towers” Does this woman exist today in a world that is seeking to turn women from the pursuit of a vocation as wife, and mother. Militant feminism has deconstructed the family telling women it is ok to kill their child in the womb and in some cases claim it is even compassionate. We are infected with selfishness that is breeding hate in our country.

What are wives and mothers to do in the 21st century to battle this selfishness? It is simple: We must become wives, mothers, and grandmothers who believe in something bigger than ourselves, we need mothers who care more for the salvation of their children’s souls more than the college degree they may get. We need mothers who are open to life welcoming the children God will send them. Yes, the world will laugh at them, however, with every prayer they teach, every rosary said as a family, and every Mass attended, the devil and the evil in this world are defeated. It is the silent heroic witness of these mothers that will save the world, for day after day they are battling on the frontlines for the souls of their children. May God be praised!

Motherhood involves a special communion with the mystery of life; it gives life room, respecting it in it’s otherness.

Pope St. John Paul II

Bishop Sheen’s remedy against selfishness: Is the sacrament of matrimony, Matrimony crushes selfishness because the mutual love of husband and wife takes them out of themselves into the incarnation of their mutual love, their other selves their children, because the rearing of children demands sacrifice.

As mothers, we must go to Mary for she is our mother who loves us so dearly and will always guide us and lead our families to her son. Being the mother of Christ she will teach us how to catechize our children as she catechized the children of Fatima, She will teach us dear mothers’ Eucharistic Reparation She will stand at the foot of the cross with us and she will hold us in her arms when all seems lost. This I know from experience Dear Mothers. for She held me her child and Mothered my children all those years I fought my cancer. She raised me up when I fell, helped ease my pain of body and soul. She will do the same for you. Love the Blessed Mother who cares so much for your family.

Immaculata, Mother Mary, live in me and those I love

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