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To Be All For God We Must Be Willing To Give All

Andrew led Peter to Jesus. What was it that moved Andrew to go to his brother Peter and joyfully urge him to go and meet Jesus. I believe that Andrew longed for the coming Messiah and finding Him he hurries to tell his brother the good news. In the short time, he knew the Messiah, Andrew knew he had found the Truth he was searching for the Christ.
Andrew must have spent time praying for the coming Messiah, for his heart was open to see what most could not perceive. His searching led him to God and finding God his heart rejoiced and in that joy-filled spirit of love, he led Peter to Jesus.
Through frequent prayer, we too can find the Messiah who can heal our souls of all ills. I believe that the sadness in this world is the result of a lack of prayer of uniting our hearts to Jesus. We look for peace and love and we seem to fall short. The longing in our heart can be filled with the generous love of Jesus. This boundless love of Jesus will inflame our souls with love and a longing like St. Andrew’s to go out and bring others to Jesus. St. Andrew is the apostle of the cross,  ardent love for the savior brings us to the cross. St. Andrew embraced the dignity of the cross and sought after it. Souls permeated with prayer and aflame with love for Jesus long to quench His thirst by embracing the cross. St. Andrew was fastened to the cross on which he hung alive for two days preaching until he entered the Beautitude of Heaven. Advent is a time of silent prayer let us ask St. Andrew to lead us to Jesus as we journey to the stable of Bethlem.

O good Cross made beautiful by the body of my Lord! so long desired, so anxiously loved, so unceasingly sought after, and now at last ready, for my soul to enjoy!   St. Andrew


Tami Schuelke

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