Mother of the Fiat

To Be All For God We Must Be Willing To Give All

” My soul is very sorrowful, even to death; remain here, and keep watch with me.”  ~Mt 26:38

Contemplate how much our Savior suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus’ soul is seized with sadness, grief, and fear over His imminent death. The gathering storm of denial, slanders, betrayal, desertion of his loved ones, thorns, nails, the cross and the unspeakable grief of His most beloved mother. Jesus is overwhelmed in body and soul as He falls to the ground in prayer beseeching His Father to remove the chalice of suffering.

Facing death is a soul-crushing feeling. To know that you will be leaving your loved ones in grief immerses your soul in fear never before experienced. An inconsolable heaviness of heart. It feels as if you are in a frozen state unable to breathe.

Our Blessed Lord entered fully into this martyrdom of the soul so as to be one with us in our suffering. He allowed His soul to feel the fear of death so we would never be alone when death approaches us. Only God can console and sustain you when the cross is crushing you. When alone in the darkness know that our Creator went before us.  Take courage and do not despair TRUST in the divine mercy of God. How generous is God’s love for us? All Jesus suffered was for us it was the desire of His heart.

In our hour of trial let us call out to Abba our Father remembering ALL things are possible with God.

Good and gentle Jesus how great and unselfish is your love for us. Teach me how to endure all for the love of you. Teach me to pray without ceasing when the night is dark and I feel so alone. Draw me to Thyself.  Mother of Jesus, my Mother, guide your children in the ways of Truth.

Tami Schuelke

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