Family Traditions

The Beauty of Fall

Today is the firstshutterstock_218646619 day of Autumn. I can see it in the color of the trees. I can smell it in the cool, brisk morning as the birds sing and all is quiet. In the morning as I sit outdoors I find myself contemplating God’s masterpiece the beauty of fall.
Fall is my favorite season. To me it’s the season of quiet,calmness, and order once again in my hectic house of nine. Fall has a beauty of  it’s own as it says good by to summer. Fall comes to us quietly and prepares us for winter. I love to decorate the house with all my fall decorations and to smell the maple candle burning as I sit and read. I love the smell of baking apple pies that were hand picked by my children. The smell of cinnamon and apples has a soothing effect. I love the family car rides as we enjoy the the beauty of the trees and their many colors. In late fall the fire is burning as we eat dinner together and talk about the day.  As the days shorten I keep busy preparing the house for the holidays that are coming and the children await in eager anticipation for all the fun, family and joy ahead.

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