Seasons of my Soul

Jesus in silence my soul waits for you Purged in the crucible of suffering borne of love for you, in love I surrender all to you Through the dark night I contemplate you giving my fiat I go to the cross with you Perfect joy is found in you Mercy a gift from you, Jesus […]

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The Cross Is Love

Dear Jesus I place myself at the foot of the cross,  standing with your mother who is now my mother for in your suffering you gave her to us.   Oh what love you bestowed upon us in giving us your mother.  Thank you Jesus, you know how I weak I am, so at baptism […]

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A Mother’s Prayer With Cancer

        Jesus I Trust in You! Jesus I Trust that You will provide for my children, no matter what mysterious path (stomach cancer) You have chosen for me. You watch over the lilies of the field and the sparrows. But my children, for whom You shed Your Most Precious Blood, are worth […]

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