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Relentless Search for Truth

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross died on Aug 9th, 1942 a martyr in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. A heroic daughter of Christ, her life is an example for all in the Church to emulate especially women. She challenges us to live a life of constant search for the truth and then to courageously live it, St. Teresa states: “My search for Truth was a constant prayer” that led her to the Cross of Jesus.

Human activities cannot help us, but only the suffering of Christ

St. teresa benedicta of the cross

When darkness covered the world the light of Christ was her strength and in this light, her heart burned with love for the Truth which is Jesus. She was a woman of strength, and courage a Martyr of love. Not fleeing in fear she embraced the cross and stated: “Beneath the Cross, I understood the destiny of God’s people”

St. Teresa Benedicta was blessed by the Cross, she became a tool of the Lord and a witness to us of God’s presence in our lives and the joy and peace one finds in laying down their lives at the foot of the Cross. She encountered the Cross in a radical way and wrote to a friend: “One can only gain a scientia crucis if one has thoroughly experienced the
cross” She believed that the deeper someone is drawn to god, the more she has to get beyond herself, that is to go into the world carrying the light of Christ to all we meet.

Let us open ourselves up to the message and the challenge St. Teresa gives to us as a woman. Never run from the Cross in fear, instead, embrace it in hope and trust for God will give the grace proportionate to it. Love and empty yourself of all that is not Christ. God is calling you now in your vocation to be his hands and to bring his light into the world. Go forward in truth and as St. Teresa said:: “Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love.”

“No spiritual work comes into the world without great suffering. It always challenges the whole person.”

St Teresa benedicta of the Cross

‘Ave Crux, Spes,unica

I welcome you, Cross, our only hope

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