Mother of the Fiat

To Be All For God We Must Be Willing To Give All

Jesus leaves the Cenacle
Arise Let us Go Hence
Jesus loving his mother as he does goes to her before he departs to Gethsemani and asks of her the fiat that she unceasingly gave to the Father. With silent tears, the Blessed Mother gives her Fiat once again, but this time her fiat would cause much sorrow as she watched Jesus suffer and die. This Fiat was given in the height of sanctity, stronger sanctity can carry heavier crosses and the greater the love the greater the suffering.  Love reached the heights in the soul of Mary.

After departing from his Blessed Mother Jesus goes with the eleven to the Mount of Olives.  It is night and the moon lights their way. All is still and quiet.
What a beautiful example the Lord left for us that sorrow must be endured in holy silence in prayer with our Savior. Upon entering the Garden Jesus falls to His knees in prayer and as sorrow increases, He prays more fervently to His Father: ” Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from not my will, but yours, be done”. ~Luke22:42~
In prayer, Jesus is strengthened to go forward and meet his captors.

Let us go forward with courageous fortitude and follow in the Good Shepards footsteps. O Mary, thou are the Mother of God, teach us how to be silent in our sufferings so to Glorify God.  Grant that through God’s abundant grace, we may always be intent on the life within us.

Tami Schuelke

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