Motherhood and all it’s Joy’s and Pains

Welcome Mothers,

This is a place where you can take part in my reflections on motherhood. A place where you can take a 5 minute break and be part of  a community of Mothers who have given their “FIAT” to Jesus as we all form our Domestic Church and raise new saints for Heaven.

I welcome anything you may want to share, advice, stories, prayers, encouragment and am hoping we can aid each other as we strive to give Jesus all the “little things” and sometimes the ” not-so-little-things”. .facebook_-659896337

2 Comments on “Motherhood and all it’s Joy’s and Pains”

    • Thank you for visiting my little blog. I read your articles and follow you. I have so much to learn about the blogging world. I designed this website myself and trust me it has not been easy. All I want to do is what God wills for me. To reach out to all mothers that carry the cross of sickness while still homeschooling, mothering and all that comes with that. I just joined my first link-up on Celebrating “Mom-isms!” God Bless you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers, so if you need me to pray for anything let me know. I live a prayer filled life since my cancer diagnosis.


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