Mom-ism Monday

“Mom-ism Monday # 3!

Here are my “Mom-ism” moments from the week. Thank you Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle for hosting this linkup for mothers

  1. My house is a center of constant activity and I love every minute of it. I just wish I had more energy to keep up with the children.  The girls worked in our Mary Garden, planting and pulling weeds. Every summer we try to add a different flower to our Mary Garden. I love to work in the garden but my health tends to limit what I can do. So my daughters do what I cant.  As a family we pray the rosary in our Mary Garden and I love to sit on the bench and watch the children as they play and I pray.
  2. Five of my children are in the Legion of Mary for youth. Lexi, my 16 yr old started the First Praesidium for youth in this diocese. Last Friday they attended the Annual meeting of all the members throughout the Diocese. Lexi had to give a presentation on what their praesidium is responsible for. They pray for priests and pick one each week to pray for and they say a daily rosary for them and send a note of thanksgiving for all they do. They also pass out Miraculous Medals after Mass and distribute them as part of their ministry.
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     Today we spent preparing for the 4th of July. The entire family and many friends come to our house for the day. The children put on a parade, there is swimming and games and alot of food. We also have pony rides for the little ones. Emily and Lexi groomed the pony’s and put ribbons on them for tomorrow. On Sunday my two youngest boys will be serving at Queen of Peace parish. Anthony who just made his first communion asked Joshua to practice with him. Joshua loves serving and has always wanted to be a priest. When he was little he would kiss the statue we have of Our Lady of Fatima before bed and say: “Good night Momma Mary I love you.” He is the youngest member in the legion of Mary. Joshua helped his younger brother by dressing as a priest.10494345_333612593456969_373010171_o890500_MomismLogo and made our living room into a altar.


  1. You and I are on the same wave length! Here is my blog post on creating a home altar:

    As a spiritual director I am always looking for resources for my blog, I am so glad you stopped by site! You and I have the same calling: helping moms, would love to collaborate with sometime!

  2. donnamariecooperoboyle

    How wonderful that your kids are involved with the Legion of Mary for Youth and that they hand out blessed Miraculous Medals! Did you know about my book, “The Miraculous Medal: Stories, Prayers, and Devotions”?

    1. Hi Donna, I have read all your books, except that one. Can I order it through you, with your autograph. I want to pass some out to the youth. You have been such an inspiration to me. I have all your books and they have been my companions on my journey of motherhood. I am starting a group called “Mothers of the Fiat’. It will be online and in our parish. We started with Imitating Mary by Marge Fenelon and now I am going to use “The Domestic Church”. Happy 4th of July.

  3. I love the idea of a Mary Garden! I have a completely black thumb but may have to give it a try next year. It will be a true miracle if it succeeds. What wonderful activities your children have to promote their faith. I know of nothing like that where we are. You are truly blessed, and I will keep praying that you are blessed with good health as well.

    1. I have a black thumb too. So I am amazed at how beautiful our Mary Garden is. We planted 2 rose bushes 2 yrs ago, they are hard to grow in Mn. We planted them next to Mary and they are beautiful. We don’t have alot of groups in our parish either, when the Blessed Mother wants Her work done She paves the way. Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you and your family in mine. God Bless

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