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Catholic wife, Homeschooling Mamma of Seven Gift’s from Heaven. Cancer Survivor, Warrior for Christ, Speaker< Blogger, Beloved Daughter of God

Hi I am a mother who was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer Seven Years Ago. I found myself on a path that led through the Valley of Suffering and death. Offering my suffering to Jesus Crucified and clinging to my Catholic Faith , God lifted me from the grave and Grace flowed in abundance over me and through my husband and children. By surrendering all I was given all by  my Father in heaven what an sweet exchange of Love.  Mother of the Fiat is my way of reaching out to all who are in  the darkness of cancer sharing faith, hope and love. As a mother I owe all  to the Mother of God who stands with me at the Foot of the Cross. Helping me to daily say Fiat to all that He wants of me.
Totus Tuus Maria !!

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tami schuelke

Hi I am a catholic wife and mother of 7"Gifts" from heaven. Happy to finally be a stay at home mother who enjoys homeschooling her children. With my faith as my shield I am fighting a cancer that nearly robbed me of life. I now look at life in a whole new way. I had much and now I have what I need. Everyday is a struggle, a struggle filled with much joy in knowing that I am loved by God and am the "Apple of His Eye."