Mother of the Fiat

To Be All For God We Must Be Willing To Give All

In your presence  Lord, you called me to walk the passion of the cross with you. With tears in my eyes and a heart burning with love for you, I freely gave you my fiat.
With abundant grace, you lifted me above my weakness and filled me with your strength and gave me the strength to press on for souls and in this, you showed me love knows no bounds. The fear of death was taken from me as you lifted me up from the darkness of the night that surrounded me.
Darkness shall not overcome the Light as I searched everywhere for you and found you at the tomb risen, and gloriously beautiful. Calling my name you raised me from the tomb of darkness. Oh, thanksgiving for saving not only my sick body but my heart.
In Your light and transforming love that passes through to my family we have seen and felt your touch, Jesus.  Always, always You are with us. The Love of Jesus crucified what a transforming gentle love. Divine gift of my soul I thank you for everything today. Most importantly for the celebration of life and the baptism of my first grandbaby Lincoln Kolbe.
Blessed Mother, you showed such heroic, faithful, and motherly love at the foot of the cross teach me perseverance in carrying the cross of Jesus and as a mother to be the heart of the home. Totus Tuus Maria20190115_092724


Tami Schuelke

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