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Strength in Weakness

“God gives me courage in proportion to my sufferings. I think at present I could not bear any more, But I am not afraid; for if the sufferings increase, He will at the same time increase my courage.”~St. Therese the Little Flower~

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Love For Truth

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. John 14:6 Pilate questioned Jesus “what is truth?” Silently Jesus stands before Pilate longing to guide him to the truth, but Pilate remains indifferent and turns his back on Jesus who is the Eternal Truth and sentences the Creator of Life to be crucified.  Pilate in his spiritual blindness fails …

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Fighting Cancer with Prayer

Meditation:  You need not cry very loud  God is nearer to us than we think. Ponder:  living with cancer can bring us to our knees as we wonder where God is in all this pain. we often feel alone and think no one understands, however that is so far from the truth. Jesus is with us in the pain, fear …

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