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The Story behind Mother of the Fiat

Hi, I am a Catholic mother of seven children and soon to be a grandmother. I and my husband Mark have been married in both good times and bad for 26 yrs. The good Lord has blessed us with so much and I will forever sing God’s praises. In 2011 I was diagnosed with gastric cancer when my youngest was 2  Prior to this diagnoses I was in ill health and have battled severe asthma since the age of 18. When I received the phone call my life from that moment on would never be the same. Frightened to the core of my being I underwent radical surgery to remove 80% of my stomach. My diagnoses was poor however my faith and the strength of God was stronger. When a member of the family is diagnosed with cancer the whole family suffers. My faith was tested in ways I compare to Job. The steadfast love of God and the forever love of His Blessed Mother walked me through the dark night of body and soul, a purging of all that was not of God and an infusion ofHis saving grace, the Lord tested and tried me and brought me up from the waters. Throughout this, I surrendered my sufferings to God for the salvation of souls. This path is a day to day walk with the Lord as he heals my body someday and others  Hos strength is seen in my utter weakness.  It is my hope to give  all the glory to God as I share what he has taught me to all who have need God Bless
Tami Schuelke