Mom's with cancer

A Mother’s Prayer With Cancer

        Jesus I Trust in You!

Jesus I Trust that You will provide for my children, no matter what mysterious path (stomach cancer) You have chosen for me. You watch over the lilies of the field and the sparrows. But my children, for whom You shed Your Most Precious Blood, are worth more than all the lilies and the sparrows. So I place my Life and family in Your Divine Hands.
Queen of My Heart, you know this mother’s heart so well and all the hopes and dreams for my family. I consecrated my family to you as I began this walk. Along the way I have felt the pain of cancer that is slowly trying to take my life, and oh the pain I bear in my body. That does not compare to the Pain I bear in this mothers heart. You know the pain and you hold your daughter as she cries and Jesus meets Mary (550x307) (2) (550x307)with the breath of your love, you promise me that through the Death and Resurrection of your son~All things will be made new. Jesus I Trust in You~


  1. Kim

    Holding you close in prayer!

  2. Prayer is all I ask and want. I also ask for prayers for other mothers who are fighting cancer,while their heart breaks for their children. I always tell my children, ” Don’t go out and think you can change the world if you can’t love your family who are suffering in your presence, how then can you love those outside the home. Simply put: Love what God has blessed you with, and that love flows outward toward the world. That is the problem in the world today, and I feel it so much that my health takes the brunt of it. I only hope that my suffering united with Jesus will save and ease the pain of many souls. The one and only thing that is truly important in this world is the salvation of souls. May God’s work be completed in me. God Bless, and your ministry to those who are afflicted in their marriage or have gone through annulments, that work you do will help a soul in need. Never Give Up the Fight
    Your Sister in Christ, Tami

  3. Praying for you Tami. It is hard to find the words I wish I could say to you…

  4. Yes you can share it please do!! Give credit to Hillsong Worship for allowing God to use them to write such a annoitted song!! You can also check out my blogs anytime you need encouragement! Love You Tami!!

  5. Thank You so much. The song was so beautiful and makes me trust in the love Jesus has for all His children. I could feel the love and faith in the message they sang. This is what Pope Francis calls Christian Unity: holding each up by prayers, love, and good deeds for all united in His Love. Yes I believe that Jesus is here with me now, and he sent you to awaken me to His love and Mercy.Can I share this video on my blog? If yes, who should I give the credit to.
    God Bless your beautiful soul. Your sister in Christ, Tami

  6. Jesus was beaten for our healing I pray you receive it!
    Father right now I ask that you heal this mom, I pray that your blood flows through hear and washes away all her cancer! In Jesus name Amen! I’m in agreement with your healing!

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