Come Holy Spirit, Come Light Divine

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Come Holy Spirit, Grant me the Spirit of Understanding, enlighten my mind with the light of Your Divine Truth. Pope Francis continues his cathechesis this week on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. After having examined wisdom as the first of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. This week he draws attention the the second gift, the gift of understanding. He goes on to say that:” Born of our sharing in God’s life through faith and baptism  the gift of understanding enables us to see in all things the unfolding of his eternal plan of love.” The gift of understanding allows us to penetrate more deeply into the truths if our faith. The more we love the more we seek, the more we seek the more we find; and when our soul finds that which it loves it begins to understand God in a whole new way. The gift of understanding brings us face to face with the ‘Word who became Flesh.’  Our faith becomes personal and joy-filled  When the gift of understanding penetrates into our souls we are born again in the sense that we now see only what a soul in love with Jesus can see..facebook_-1561678027 This gift sets our souls on fire and we want to share this gift with others because we now know a love unlike all  other loves. This love urges us to say “yes’ to Jesus in all that He may ask us. This love enables us to carry our crosses for Him, who has loved us so much  that He gave His life for us.  This gift surpasses our human way of understanding, and now we began to see things in a divine way; what Pope Francis explained as “intus legere,” that is, “to read within.” Now we understand things with God’s understanding. Daily I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to know and understand what God wants me to know and understand. We can get so lost in the things of the world that we loose our way, we stop seeing with the eyes of Jesus. We become entangled within ourselves and selfish behaviors set in. The gift of understanding is for all of us who have been baptized into God’s grace and only the Holy Spirit who is God can help us penetrate the divine mysteries.  God communicates with the soul whose love has no limits, so the more we love the more our life reflects the life of God within us. Through the gift of understanding the Holy Spirit opens  our soul to a new form of prayer, more simple, more profound, the soul now clings to the truth in all things and feels as though it’s soul has been immersed in the love of God, the soul feels God. The soul is now connected to God throughout the day in all that it does. This is love is powerful, this understanding of God’s love is what drives us to become saints. For we now see with the eyes of God. Can it get any better than that? “By the light of understanding, I’ve tasted and seen Your profound nature, Eternal Trinity, and the beauty of your creation.” ~Saint Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue~

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